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Ghost plant (Graptopetalum paraguayense) is a cold-hardy succulent with pale gray or whitish leaves on sprawling stems. Its versatile growth will help it stand out in your landscape as an unusual groundcover, cascading down a container, or even as a houseplant.

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When planting your ghost plant in a container, make sure you choose a well-drained potting media and a container with drainage holes. Try mixing ghost plant with other forms of succulents for an interesting yet low-maintenance planting.

Or you can incorporate your ghost plant into a rock garden. You can create a rock garden by piling large rocks like limestone as the base and filling in gaps with smaller stones, gravel, and pockets of soil for planting.

Ghost plant thrives in sunlight, so choose a location where it will receive full or half-day sun.  When grown as a houseplant, keep it near a south, east, or west window.

Some people prefer to keep their ghost plant trimmed to create a fuller shape. For a different look, you can allow it to get a little “leggy”—this allows the twisting stems to gently climb out of the pot, cascading down. Be sure to allow the soil to almost completely dry between watering.

Like most succulents, ghost plant is very drought-tolerant; if your plant begins losing an excessive number of leaves, you may be over watering. But leaves will drop naturally; this is how the plant spreads. Ghost plant self-propagates as leaves break off the plant and fall to the soil below. If you want to try propagating ghost plant yourself, give a fallen leaf some time to form a callous over the break-off point before planting it. This makes ghost plant one of the easiest succulents to propagate, making it a great pass-along plant for friends and relatives.


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