Coppertone Sedum


Coppertone Stonecrop (Sedum nussbaumerianum, sometimes grouped with Sedum adolphi): A stemmed grower with orange and green foliage that turns a bright copper when grown in full sun. It has pointed, upturned leaves and grows tall stems that eventually bend and spill nicely out of containers.

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This variety is extremely drought and heat tolerant and should be watered deeply, but only when the soil is dry. Using gritty, well-draining soil and containers with drainage holes will help growers avoid overwatering and rot. Protect this succulent from frost and heavy rains by letting it overwinter indoors near a sunny window or under a grow light. In summer, Coppertone can produce round clusters of white, star-shaped flowers.

Watering and Feeding

Mature Sedum nussbaumerianum plants are drought tolerant, while young plants require moist soil.

The frequency of watering for outdoor plants depends on the climate.

If the area receives a lot of rain, the soil shouldn’t need additional moisture.

The top inch or two of soil should be completely dry before watering.

During the summer, the plant typically needs watering about once per week, unless it rains.

If kept outdoors during the winter, it only needs moisture once per month.

Add liquid fertilizer diluted to about half strength or quarter strength.

Use the fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season, which includes spring and summer.

Soil and Transplanting

  • Use well-draining soil, such as commercial cactus potting mix with perlite.
  • Use about two-parts cactus mix to one-part perlite.
  • Transplanting is relatively simple, but the roots are shallow and break easily.
  • When transplanting, carefully dig the soil around the plant and remove it.
  • Allow the plant to sit for a day before replanting in its new home.
  • This gives the roots time to heal before receiving water.
  • Use fresh soil for transplanted plants.
  • The Coppertone stonecrop roots should be at the same depth as before transplanting.

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