Euphorbia ritchiei


Monadenium (Monadenium ritchiei)
Also called Euphorbia ritchiei, this rare succulent from Kenya makes an attractive plant for warm, dry environments. It has a columnar shape with small, rounded protrusions on the stem, called tubercles, that are arranged in spirals.

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Description: It is  a small  clumping succulent that form large compact clumps with time.
Stems: Short, thick, light green, tuberculate freely branching from the base or from underground suckers , up to 30cm tall, each stem 3 cm wide.
Spines: Small and very short.
Leaves: 2,5-4 cm long,  light green deciduous and fleshy. If grown in enough light the leaves (and stems) can take on a purple hue.
Roots: Thickened and fleshy .
Flower: Hot pink cyathias.
Blooming season: Late in the summer or in autumn, just before or as it goes dormant.

It spreads by underground shoots and eventually forms a large clump. The stems blush red in full sun. Make sure to grow in a well-drained cactus soil in a clay pot, and water only when the soil is dry.


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