Sugarcane Palm


The sugar cane palm is a beautiful specimen for smaller gardens and can be used as a smaller dramatic palm in a larger garden design also. It is native to Madagascar. The sugar cane palm is mostly admired for its prominently ringed multiple trunks.  The sugar cane grows best in a sheltered, shaded site, however it will certainly take full sun as well. It will look tatty in a constant medium zoned wind area and is not good for an exposed site.

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Always choose healthy, well-grown, plants and plant after autumn rains, when the soil is moist and warm allows the palm to establish a good root system well before summer. Planting is often improved on clay soils by adding extra topsoil and forming raised beds. Incorporate coarse sand, bark, peat, compost or other organic material to improve soil structure. Before planting ensure the root ball is saturated and remove the planter bag or pot with minimal root disturbance. Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root ball to plant in, trim any broken roots or fronds and plant at the same level as in the container. Long term slow-release fertilisers may be added at this stage. As soil is placed in the prepared hole tread firmly to bring soil in close contact with the root-ball. Unless the soil is very wet, water thoroughly making sure that moisture penetrates to the depth of the root-ball.

While plants are still young keep an eye out for mealybugs making themselves at home around the base of the fronds. These can be carefully removed with a cotton bud dipped in meths.


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