Filter Mud Compost


2.5 Cubic Feet (Rice Bag)
Filter mud compost treatments increases the soil fertility and as a result agronomical performance. Therefore, it can be used for the soil amendments in the lower proportion (up to 40 %) to improve the yield.

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Filter Mud Compost Fertilizer Features and Functions

  1. High disease resistance and less weeds:

During filter mud treatment, microorganisms multiply quickly and produce large amounts of antibiotics, hormones and other specific metabolites. Applying fertilizer to the soil, it can effectively inhibit the spread of pathogens and weed growth, improve pest and disease resistance.

  1. High fertilizer efficiency: As the fermentation period is only 7-15 days, it retains the filter mud nutrients as far as possible. Because of the decomposition of microorganisms, it transforms the materials that are difficult to absorb into effective nutrients. The filter mud bio organic fertilizer can play in fertilizer efficiency quickly and replenish nutrients required for the growth of crops. Therefore, fertilizer efficiency keeps at a long time.
  2. Culturing soil fertility and improving the soil

Using a single chemical fertilizer for long-term, soil organic matter is gradually consumed, which results in the number of beneficial soil microbial reduction. In this way, enzyme content reduces and colloidal is damaged, causing soil compaction, acidification and salinization. Filter mud organic fertilizer can reunite sand, loose clay, inhibit pathogens, restore soil micro-ecological environment, enhance soil permeability and improve the ability to retain water and nutrients.

  1. Improving crop yield and quality

After applying organic fertilizer, the crops have a developed root system and strong leafy strains, which promotes the germination of crops, growth, flowering, fruiting and maturity. It significantly improves the appearance and color of agricultural products, increases the amount of sugar cane and fruit sweetness. Filter mud bio-organic fertilizer uses as basal general and top dressing. In the growing season, apply a small amount of inorganic fertilizer. It can meet the needs of crop growth and reach the purpose to manage and use land.

  1. Wide application in agriculture

Using as base fertilizer and topdressing for sugar cane, bananas, fruit tree, melons, vegetables, tea plant, flowers, potatoes, tobacco, forage, etc.


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