Knoppies Gasteria Small


Gasteria batesiana

This charming little species is native to South Africa where traditional medicinal use has made it quite rare. Leaves are translucent and shaped like little stomachs, coloured dark blackish-green, and dotted with white lumps. Its thick cylindrical roots can contract to pull the plant down into the ground in dry weather. Pollinated by sunbirds, it is slow-growing but long-lived.

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Nearly stemless, it is a rosette succulent which grows to around a metre tall and 30cm diameter. Easy to care for and tolerant of neglect, it is the perfect plant for beginners. Prefers light shade to shade though it will take full sun for part of the day—this can give a reddish tint and encourage its compact size. Tolerates a range of soils and habitats provided they offer good drainage. The ideal waterwise garden plant, it also works beautifully in a container in a shady spot. It also often features in miniature succulent gardens where it happily lives with other succulents.


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