Copper Spoons


Kalanchoe orgyalis is slow growing, but it eventually forms a rather stately plant, noted for its bronze-coloured, fine sandpaper-like pubescence covering the leaves. In time, lower leaves fade to silver, creating a nice contrast with the newer coppery leaves. Because of the shape and colour of its leaves, Kalanchoe orgyalis is often known as Copper Spoons.

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Copper Spoons (Kalanchoe orgyalis) (Baker): Stemmed variety with velvety, spoon-shaped leaves that stand upright. This two-toned plant is a lovely cinnamon brown on the upper side of its leaves and silver underneath. As leaves age, they turn completely silver. In its native, rocky habitat in Madagascar, Copper Spoons can develop into a 6.0′ tall, freely branching shrub, but this slow-growing species will stay smaller indoors in a pot. In late winter to spring it can produce clusters of sunny yellow blossoms.




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