Ladyfinger Cactus


“Ladyfinger Cactus” is an easy succulent to care for. It is a slow grower, but grows well indoors when given enough light.

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Mammillaria elongata has typical water needs for a succulent. It’s best to use the “soak and dry” method, and allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings.

In the winter when it is dormant, water only sparingly, if at all, to prevent rot.

Mammillaria elongata “Ladyfinger Cactus” is not cold hardy, so if you live in a zone that gets colder than 20° F (-6.7° C), it’s best to plant this succulent in a container that can be brought indoors. It does well in full to partial sun.

Plant in an area of your garden that gets 4 hours of sunlight a day. If planting indoors, place in a room that gets a lot of sunlight, such as near a southern-facing window.

“Ladyfinger Cactus” can be propagated from cuttings. Use care when taking a cutting.

To remove a clump for propagation, you will need nitrile dipped gloves, silicone tongs, and a sharp knife.

Using the tongs, gently pull one of the cylindrical stems away from the main cluster. If you are not able to break it off without pulling up the rest of the plant, use the knife to cut through the stem.

Allow the end of the stem to callous over for several days before placing in well-draining soil.



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