Acanthocalycium Cactus


This is a genus of globular or cylindrical cacti. The flowers have a scaly tube and are borne at the top. These plants are globose to elongate, with numerous ribs on the spiny stemsFlowers range from white to pink to red and open during the day.

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Habitat: Argentina.
Soil: basic, well draining mix.
Location: full sun and plenty of air circulation.
Temperature: a minimum of 6-7° (43-45°F) is recommended.
Water: average.
Cultivation tips: propagate from seed.
Main species of Acanthocalycium: Acanthocalycium violaceum, diurnal from pink to purple flowers, brown spines; choose a bright and airy site.
A. glaucum; Acanthocalycium spiniflorum; Acanthocalycium peitscherianum; Acanthocalycium klimpelianum.; Acanthocalycium catamarcense.


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