Golden Shrimp Plant


The Golden Shrimp Plant, botanically known as Pachystachys lutea is an upright tropical evergreen landscape perennial shrub.

This native to the subtropical regions of Peru makes a great landscape plant to the perennial garden.

It’s known by common name:

  • Yellow shrimp plant
  • Golden candles plant
  • Lollipop plant

Its showy bright yellow bracts with white flowers make Pachystachys lutea an attractive bush with lush green leaves.

Add Pachystachys lutea to your ever-blooming houseplant collection.

Read on to learn more about caring for Pachystachys lutea.

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Size & Growth

The golden shrimp plant grows quite happily outdoors where it can reach a height at maturity of 36″ to 48″ inches tall.

However, to reach these heights you’ll need to provide a sheltered, frost-free area in moist and well-drained soil.

Flowering and Fragrance

Its showy, orange, gold, or bright yellow bracts with white flowers bloom during the summer.

The bracts resemble a shrimp’s layered scales, particularly the ghost shrimp.

What Kind Of Light Conditions Does The Golden Shrimp Plant Require And Grow Best?

As a houseplant, ensure the shrimp receives as much light as possible and position them in an area with high humidity and full light.

Indoors, an East/West or South windows are ideal. A couple of hours of direct sunshine keeps plants happy.

When moving to higher light levels introduce plants slowly. This will allow the Pachystachys to acclimate without experiencing any problems.

Pachystachys lutea prefers full sun, give them as much full sun as possible.

In climates with hot summers, it benefits from afternoon shade.

Plants tend to get leggy in partial shade and as they age.

For an attractive, neat plant pruning and a great light source are important.

Watering and Feeding

The Golden Shrimp plant does not handle long periods of drought. They tend to soak up quite a bit of water in the warm months.

Even though shrimp plants tolerate moist soil, it does well when the surface of the soil dries slightly between waterings, particularly in the winter months.

When watering, water thoroughly – enough to saturate the roots to a depth of about 6″ inches.

If plants dry out accidentally, soak them in water and drain off the excess to make sure the potting mix becomes thoroughly moist and saturated.

When growing golden shrimp plants in pots, consider a self-watering container.

Feeding And Fertilizer

Shrimps are not heavy feeders. However, regular fertilization stimulates healthy growth as well as big flowers.

Whether you grow P. lutea in potting mix or in a bed, they need proper fertilization.

During the growing season (spring to fall) apply liquid foods regularly and blooming fertilizer occasionally to ensure that the plant looks its best.

Always apply the fertilizer according to rate specifications on the label.

Immediately after applying a complete fertilizer, always water the plant.

However, avoid excessive fertilization as it weakens the plant making it more susceptible to insects and disease.


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